Ethio-Djibouti Railway

EDR Management visited the CCECC Headquarter. ****

The EDR management team, led by Ethio-Djibouti Railway Transport s.c. CEO Abdi Zeneb (Dr.), visited the CCECC Headquarter. The General Manager of CCECC’s Ethiopia Construction Branch, Mr.Guo Chongefeng, and the Management of CCECC warmly welcome the team. During the visit, EDR CEO Abdi Zeneb (Dr.) and CCECC General Manager discussed key areas of potential future cooperation between the two companies. First, they discussed the area of building a railway locomotive spare part and how EDR and CCECC jointly built factory in Ethiopia. Second, they discussed the cold chain refrigerator business and the future collaboration with the Chinese government in the area of railway industry, and finally, they raised points on the takeover of the operation and maintenance work by local EDR staff from the MC and the future project to increase the capacity of the EDR. CEO Abdi Zenebe (Dr.) expressed his gratitude for the welcome ceremony and commented on the issues brought up by the general manager. Finally, they agreed with the points made and promised to work closely in collaboration with CCECC.
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