Ethio-Djibouti Railway

It is important to note that the relationship between EDR and ESLSE should be strengthened

November 26, 2016 (EDR) – The coordination between Ethio Djibouti Rail Transport SC (EDR) and Ethiopian Maritime Transport and Logistics Service Organization (EBATLOD) has been strengthened.

EDR CEO Abdi Zenabe (PhD) and Ebatlod CEO Bereso Amalo (PhD) discussed the logistics services that the two institutions are undertaking. In their discussions, the officials discussed the interconnectedness between multimodal container shipments and the transport of soil fertilizer from the port of Djibouti to the country for the 2016/2017 production year.

Officials stressed the need to create a coordinated logistics service that can carry this, as the country’s import and export activity has increased exponentially.

It was positively raised that Ebatlod has done encouraging work in reducing the time spent by rail transporting customer expenditure materials that deliver multimodal container cargo to ports from different parts of the world and export them from the country.

Ethiopia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Affairs In order to continue the achievements achieved and identify gaps, the two institutions agreed to further strengthen their national contribution to the logistics sector.

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