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A closing forum was held on Anti-Sexual Violence and HIV/AIDS Day.

December 14, 2023 (EDR): The closing forum of Anti-Sexual Violence and HIV/AIDS Day was held in Ethio Djibouti Railway (EDR)
Anti-Sexual Violence and HIV/AIDS Day was celebrated internationally for the 32nd time and in our country for the 18th time under the theme “Let’s not be silent about sexual violence, whenever, wherever, under any circumstances” from November 16 to December 11, 2016.

Under the coordination of the EDR Women’s and Social Affairs Department, the closing program was held in the presence of Ethio Djibouti Railway s.c. Chief Executive Officer Abdi Zenebe (phd)
CEO Abdi Zenebe (phd) said on this occasion that the responsibility of protecting women from any violence requires the tireless efforts of all of us.

CEO Abdi zeneb (phd) pointed out that EDR is working to create awareness and ensure the universal benefit of women by organizing the Women’s and Social Affairs Department.

On the other hand, HIV/AIDS is still a global health threat, so we need to protect ourselves by avoiding distraction and negligence, he added.
Ms. Fatuma Negatu, Senior Expert of EDR’s Women and Social Affairs Department, said that various work is being done regularly by providing training and counseling to the female employees of our institution on social and sexual issues.
Ms. Fatuma said that when we celebrate the occasion, it should be by preventing sexual violence against women and re-committing to protect ourselves and society from HIV/AIDS.

At the forum, experts from the Ministry of Women and Social Affairs gave awareness training on sexual violence and HIV/AIDS.
The forum was attended by EDR senior management, staff and female staff from the EDR branch in Djibouti.

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