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The 21st UIC Africa Regional Assembly held in Paris

December 14, 2023 (EDR), The 21st Africa Regional Assembly (ARA) took place at the UIC Headquarters in Paris on ARA Chair Mohamed Rabie Khlie highlighted in his introductory remarks the UIC Africa region’s new orientation in accordance with the changing expectations of its members, which includes the formation of a taskforce devoted to Rail Safety in Africa as a forum for discussion and investigation of initiatives of shared interest.

The Ethio-Djibouti Railway’s Deputy Chief Executive Officer Hassan Mohammed Kamil, Chief Finance Officer Mohamed Ahmed, and Senior Director of Operations Youssouf Djama’s participation in the 21st UIC Africa Regional Assembly demonstrate the continent’s railway industry’s increasing significance and recognition. Their participation strengthens the spirit of cooperation and dedication to building an effective and sustainable rail network throughout the continent.

The 11th UIC World High-Speed Congress, which was hosted in Marrakech and thus for the first time in Africa, was one of the events that UIC Director-General François DAVENNE emphasized as being important during 2023 in Africa. Another significant event was the 1st International Forum on Financing Rail Projects in Africa, which took place in Dakar. Davenne emphasized that rail offers a robust and practical transportation solution in Africa and that UIC’s strength lies in its inclusivity.

 Among other topics, ARA addressed the Africa region’s cooperation with the African Union Commission, the UN Economic Commission for Africa, development banks, and the Southern African Railway Association (SARA), as well as the launch of the Africa Security Taskforce, and other regional projects and initiatives.  

Christian Chavanel, Railway System Director and Coordinator of the UIC Africa Region, announced the creation of an Africa Regional Competence Hub for Research and Innovation in 2024, which will focus on regional needs to create expertise and provide innovative solutions. Another important announcement was that the 3rd African Rail Digital Congress will be held in Yaoundé, Cameroon, on 28-20 May 2024, under the title of “Digitization: a challenge to boost the railway value chain”.

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