Ethio-Djibouti Railway

Corporate Strategic Affairs Office of EDR Conducted the 2023 Annual Performance Review Forum.


All staff and management of the departments organized under the Corporate Strategic Affairs Office of EDR, Sales & Marketing, ICT, Planning & Program Management and Strategic Partnership, discussed the 2023 annual performance and the 2024 plan of the Office.

Addressing the meeting with a welcome speech, the Chief Corporate Strategy Officer of EDR, Mr. Aminu Juhar, noted that the year 2023 has been one in which EDR has achieved outstanding achievements, recalling that the entire staff and management of the company played a significant role in these achievements.

During the meeting it is noted that following several partnership activities carried out, EDR has strengthened its relations with domestic and international stakeholders. In addition, identification and analysis of EDR’s stakeholders has been conducted.
By enhancing institutional marketing capability, the number of customers using EDR’s freight transportation service has surpassed 1,000, and by the year 2023, EDR managed to transport more than 83,000 twenty-foot containers to various destinations.
During the discussion it is explained that the re-development of EDR’s Website and making it accessible to the public, as well as conducting preparation activities to implement ERP for of facilitating internal activities and provision services to customers were the main tasks of the ICT department during the fiscal year.

It is also pointed out that the office ensures periodic preparation of plan and report documents of the company. It is raised that the 10-year strategic plan of EDR is under preparation.

Finally, the Chief Executive Officer of EDR, Abdi Zebebe (PhD) provided concluding remarks of the day and set work direction for future implementation. The CEO called on all staff and management of EDR to be ready, as the year 2024 is a critical transition period as it is the beginning year for the local staff to take over all operation & maintenance from the Management Contractor.

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