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CEO Abdi Zenebe (PhD) inaugurates  EDR’s Sport Center.

February 14,2024 (EDR): CEO of Ethio-Djibouti Railway (EDR), Abdi Zenebe (PhD), inaugurates and opens the modern sports center at Furi Lebu train station.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Abdi Zeneb (PhD), in his message at the inauguration ceremony, that the sport center is built to strength the physical and mental health of the employees in conjunction with the national service provided by Ethio Djibouti Railway.

CEO Abdi Zenebe (PhD) added that sport is one of the tools for strengthening brotherhood and friendship and building a universal personality, and it contributes significantly to achieving institutional success by connecting the employees of our institution.

Abdi Zenebe (PhD) said that this is one of the projects that we have planned to achieve in the budget year.

He thanked EDR Chief Safety, Environment, and Quality Officer Engineer Dawit Getachew and his entire team for their efforts in completing the sport center.

Furi Lebu Railway Station Sports Center is a center that can host Basketball, volleyball, Handball, and other sports games, including football.

#Sports for physical and mental health

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