Ethio-Djibouti Railway

The capacity to repair electrical lines on the railway line has increased.

February 28, 2024 (EDR): Hadigala Railway Station Workshop has announced that its capacity to repair electrical lines on the line has increased.

This was revealed when the manager of the Hadigala railway station, Engineer Muluken Alebachew, presented a report to the EDR supervision team regarding the achievements and problems encountered in the workshop and the 2024 plan.

The general manager said that the station was able to independently repair various machinery, including a five hundred ten meter-long power line that had not been serviced for the past five years.

In addition to this, he explained that the ability to replace and repair electric poles, which takes two and more days, can be completed within hours.

The general manager added that the civil and electrical works being carried out within a distance of ninety-five kilometers are being carried out completely independently.

Engineer Muluken asked for the fulfillment of other favorable conditions, starting with the supply of materials, to make the work of the railway station more efficient.

EDR CEO Abdi Zenebe (Ph.D.) and members of the supervision team provided feedback and input on the report and the 2024 plan.

CEO Abdi , pointed out that the success of repairing electric poles on the railway line in a shorter time and making it convenient for the service should be shared with other workshops.

He instructed that the problems mentioned in the Hadigala workshop should be solved in a short time and the service should be upgraded.

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