Ethio-Djibouti Railway

It was stated that the coordination system around the security of Ethio-Djibuti railway infrastructure will continue.

March 20, 2024(EDR):-
This was revealed when Ethio-Djibouti Railway (EDR) CEO Abdi Zenebe (Ph.D.) discussed with Assistant Commissioner Anshah Tola, Federal Police Crime Prevention Department, Deputy Head of Rapid Operations, about the train safety activities being carried out on the line.
Abdi said that the work being done to prevent the line from robbery and vandalism is effective. He explained the result was achieved through the coordinated work of the Federal Police with the Security Director of EDR and the security bodies of the regional and city governments.
He stated that the suspects who caused damage to the railway infrastructure by making the society the main owner are being prosecuted. He added that the return of railway infrastructure materials that were illegally looted and seized as exhibits by the police is an encouraged activity.
He pointed out that it is important to expand joint activities, strengthen dialogue platforms and create awareness.
Assistant Commissioner Anshah Tola said that the members of the Federal Police are controlling the railway line for twenty-four hours with strict discipline.
In the future to reduce security risks by strengthening and expanding the coordinated system that was started.
Senior representatives from the Railway Police Department, EDR, and regimental leaders attended the discussion forum.
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