Ethio-Djibouti Railway

It was said that Diradawa Railway Station will go on offering its patrons dependable services in a secure manner.

This was revealed in a joint forum organized by Diradawa  administration to consult with large, manufacturing and service industries on security and related issues.

Diradawa  Station Master Engineer Binyaam Hailu and Strategic Development Partnership Team Leader Engineer Mustafa Abdi were present at the forum representing EDR.

In the forum, Binyam Hailu, the station master of the Ethiopiao-Djibouti train Diradawa train station, stated that dependable services are being offered by collaborating with the Diradawa police department to safeguard the infrastructure and the security of patrons.

He said that services are being provided by coordinating train with city transport to allow train passengers to go wherever they want without any inconvenience.

He emphasised that the association has helped to provide additional job opportunities for the young people who provide transport services, and he said that by collaborating with the Diradawa Police, they are making a major contribution to preserving the city’s security and serenity.

Engineer Mustafa Abdi, the leader of the Strategic Development Partnership Group, gave an explanation about EDR to the industries, manufacturers and service providers in Diradawa  who participated in the forum.

He pointed out that he is making a great contribution to the country by providing safe passenger and freight services in all fields and invited the institutions to use EDR services.

According to information received from Dredawa, it was the Department of Institutions and High-ranking Protection Division of the Diradawa Police Department that prepared the consultation platform.

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