Ethio-Djibouti Railway

Food supplies for Ramadan fasting were distributed as gifts.

March 28, 2024. (EDR):- In light of the Ramadan fasting committee has been established by EthIo- Djibouti Railway to assist the communities those in need near the train’s routes.  EDR Chief Corporate Strategy Officer Mr. Aminu Juhar announced that this support, which started today, has been given to those who need support near Adama and Mojo railway station, with the support of flour and oil through the representatives of the committee. The chairman of the committee, Mr.Aminu Juhar, said that the month of Ramadan is given a great place by the Muslim people, and that this activity is aimed at helping the poor people who live near where the railway line passes from Sebata to Dewanle. In connection with this task, it was stated that the committee is planning and moving in detail to carry out various programs in the future. # Ramadan Fasting

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