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On the occasion of the Iftar program, a gift of cattle was given to Abba Gada from different regions.

Regarding the Iftar program, in the same event that continued yesterday and today, Abba Gada, a gift of cattle was given to Abba Gadas, Abba Gada Gobena Hola; For East sewa  Zone, Gada Tulema Bosset district branch, Abba Gada Teku Desaleg ,Gada Michle of Fantale district, Abba Gada Hawas and Abbaa Gada Bula Ldute.

In addition, they received gift from Gada Tulema Abba Gada  Gobena Hola for each of the 50 people in need of Bishoftu, where the railway line passes.

According to EThio-Djibouti Railway  Iftar event committee members, this iftar programme would continue for the next ten days with various programmes.

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