Ethio-Djibouti Railway

The Abba Gada’s and sultans near the railway line received gifts of camels and traditional clothing.

The gift was given by the iftar committee established under the corporate strategic affairs sector of Ethio-Djibouti Railway and in the same program, yesterday and today, it was announced that it was for Abba Gada’s and sultans from different regions near where the railway line passes.

A gift of camels and traditional clothes were presented and the gifts were given to West Harar zone Afren Qelo Abba Gada Hussain Tuna, Bordede district Gada Itu Aba Gada Adam Raba and Mieso Abba Gada Ali Roba and Afar region Debrus district Sultan Hassan Daud.

The committee members remarked that this iftar programme, which is being held in honour of the magnificent month of Ramadan, the month of togetherness, will deepen our solidarity and the local its residents’ sense of ownership of the Train. 

The members of the Iftar Committee announced that the Iftar programme will take on as usual in the days ahead.

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