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Container train transportation service is a competitive product of railway transportation with safe punctual convenience fast. Ethio-Djibouti railway container train operated for among main cities of Ethiopia and Djibouti. Main freight stations include Indode Mojo, Adama, and Nagad station will provide qualified transportation service for customers. For customers who intend to transport bulk cargo, Ethio-Djibouti railway also provides qualified storage service, transportation service, loading & unloading service and collecting service.


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Signing railway transport service Contract at EDR head office (Lebu Furi railway station)Freight Service

  • To Requist Contrat

    Name: Henos solomon
    Phone - +251912722673

  • To Requist Contrat

    Name: Gezu Lelisa
    phone +2510923129982

  • Making the payment at lebu HQ

    Name: Selam Tadesse
    Phone No. +251909241225

  • Making the payment at lebu HQ

    Name: Hikma Hamid
    Phone No. +251947374284

Railway freight transport procedures as is